Caawi Walaal means “brother/sister help” in Somali, and it is a humanitarian awareness-raising campaign intended to inform about the effect of droughts calamity to Somali society and stimulate a collective response from both Somali and international communities. Caawi is a remarkable youth volunteer movement that has delivered more than US$18,000 in aid to victims of the 2016-17 famine that affect large parts of Somalia. This campaign has two objectives: bringing forth information about the deteriorating situation of drought-affected families in Somalia and organizing preliminary responses to immediately save lives. It is not affiliated to any specific group, and it is not considered an organization, but rather this movement is a collective of young volunteers based in different regions across the Somali region and diaspora communities, who have come together to ready the most vulnerable victims living in hard to reach locations. Some of the help provided includes water trucking services in remote villages, medical supplies to treat AWD/cholera, and food assistance to families facing hunger. Caawi prioritizes areas in Somalia that are hard for NGOs to access.