SOKAAB is a Somali based crowdfunding platform for organisations and individuals that aim to support communities and youth initiatives across the Somali regions. The platform has been built in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) with funding from the Somali Stability Fund. SOKAAB is used to support the Dialogue project is an initiative by the Somalia Stability Fund (SSF), in partnership with DRC and Shaqadoon. Through crowdfunding initiatives, the community will be able to channel their collective efforts to realize common projects that matter to Somalis. For too long, decisions on what gets to be funded has been taken by everyone except the communities most affected by this decision, so SOKAAB wants to change that and involve the community. They ensure that only viable projects are endorsed on their platform through an appraisal panel who is accountable and transparent. Which will help with meeting their targets by providing support and training to each community that wants to use the platform? Based on the success of SOKAAB, the SomReP consortium (to which DRC is a member and Shaqadoon supports) sought to expand on the crowdfunding platform to tap into diaspora funding, and so the BULSHO KAAB was launched.