Do you have a new idea or product for people in need of humanitarian assistance? If so, this toolkit is for you.

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Do you need evidence tools for your innovation?

Great – You have come to the right place! On this website you will find monitoring and evaluation tools that you can pick up and use today, and throughout your humanitarian innovation project.

You can get started by watching the video to hear more about the tools. Or click on the buttons below to start using the tools immediately. You will need to decide if you are in the prototype, pilot or scale stage of your innovation project – then click on the button that suits you best.

Choose your Innovation Stage

Click on the button that best describes the stage your innovation project is at. The button will take you to the evidence tools that are best for you. If you are not sure, the video above will give you information to decide which stage to choose.

You’re developing some initial ideas or getting feedback on a rough version of your design. You’ve not yet tested your idea in a real humanitarian situation.

You are testing your idea, or implementing an actual solution – not just thinking about it, or fundraising for it.

You’ve tested your idea and it works. The innovation you have come up with is pretty complete and ready to scale up to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, or into new countries.

The research and ideas behind this toolkit

We have been through a rigorous process to build and test these tools and to ensure they provide you with cutting edge thinking for evidencing your humanitarian innovation. You can read an overview of the toolkit, and a background report here.

Read about the purpose of the toolkit and to select the best combination of tools for evidencing your innovation.

Learn about the different ways to evidence humanitarian innovation and the rationale behind this toolkit’s design.

The toolkit was developed and tested with