What Scaling Kit Suits You?

You’re piloting! You are testing your idea, or implementing an actual solution – not just thinking about it, or fundraising for it.

The next step is to decide which tools will help you collect the evidence you need. Click one of the following buttons:

  • Basic Pilot Toolkit: Use this toolkit if you have limited time, resources or experience in collecting evidence
  • Advanced Pilot Toolkit: Use this toolkit if you want more rigorous evidence and have experience collecting basic evidence
  • All Piloting Tools: Select this if you are looking for a specific tool for a specific purpose
  • Lastly, if you need help with data collection then we have four tools to give you guidance on observation, interviews, focus group discussions, or surveys.

What is in the toolkits?

The toolkits have different tools to help you succeed with your innovation. The tools help you to:

  • ITERATE so that you can make fast updates to your innovation to make sure it meets users needs and ensure greater success
  • EVALUATE so that you can evidence how your innovation addresses the problem, and understand where your innovation is creating impact.
  • STORYTELL so that you can explain your innovation, plan for the future of the project, and convince others to support your innovation.

All of the tools are word documents that you can download, print, and use wherever you are. Each tool provides you with a description of when to use it, step by step instructions, and a template for recording your evidence as you go.

Now go ahead and pick your toolkit, or specific tool:

Use this toolkit if you have limited time, resources or experience in collecting evidence

Click on this button if you’re looking for something specific and want to see all our tools

Want To Know More about Data Collection?

The tools below give you more information on how to conduct an interview, how to do a focus group discussion, how to run an observation or how to undertake a survey. You don’t need these tools to use our toolkits, but if you don’t have experience in undertaking data collection then these tools will help you do it better.

Get tools to help you with interviews, focus groups, observations or surveys