We believe that the Response Innovation Lab is the world’s first collaborative, field-based humanitarian innovation lab. As such, there’s many reasons you might want to consider investing in our work.

Why invest in the Response Innovation Lab?

  • You believe that innovation is for everyone; the key ingredient for creating societal change in communities that have the odds stacked against them.
  • You may be inspired by the vision to make change happen with open and transparent modelling, sector-defying collaborations and on-the-ground learning.
  • You may like to sponsor or support a particular initiative that is close to your heart – mapping ecosystems to create solutions in places like Puerto Rico, Jordan and Uganda or putting our win-win Matchmaker initiative to work for the benefit of everyone.

We are looking for individuals and groups wanting to contribute to our problem-focused innovation in humanitarian contexts to invest in the work the Response Innovation Lab is doing.

Are you a commercial, corporates or for-profit organisation?

We are seeking corporate partners from across the spectrum of sectors and specialisms.

  • You may want to understand more about, and be involved in, the propagation and implementation of innovation for humanitarian benefit in some of the most impoverished communities in the world – and for your people and teams to be motivated and inspired when applying innovation ‘back at base’.
  • You may be looking for a national or global partner to support as part of your societal responsibility activity – sharing technology, knowledge and know-how for the benefit of your organisation and poor communities around the work.
  • You may be interested in a particular programme and want to share in the work as learnings could inform your commercial modelling – on everything from successful relationship-build and collaboration techniques through to gaining feedback and building consensus in tough environments.

Are you an individual donor, philanthropist or fund consultant?

  • You may like to know that we are building robust impact measurement into all our humanitarian activity and can share our vision for the work, provide first-hand opportunities to see our projects up close and be regularly updated on the outcomes of our deployments.
  • You may be excited that our model is about supporting communities to continuously develop and implement new ideas whilst bringing together a wide, and sometimes disparate, group of people and organisations together to collaborate for good.
  • You may like to build on the seed capital we’ve received from some of the world’s most respected NGOs to help grow a unique and ground-breaking start-up organisation. An organisation that is focussed entirely on the betterment of communities operating with a very small overhead so that as much income as possible goes into the work in the field.

To receive some more information and/or have a initial conversation please get in touch here