Meet The Team

RIL Central Support Unit

Global Director, Response Innovation Lab

Max Vieille

Max was named Global Director of the Response Innovation Lab in March 2019. He had previously served as Save the Children’s representative on the RIL Executive Committee since its inception.  Prior to joining RIL full time, Max was the Humanitarian Program Quality and Development Director for Save the Children US as well as the designated Humanitarian Innovation Champion. 

He has experience across strategic planning, emergency preparedness, program monitoring and coordinating emergency responses. Max has also held senior positions with UNICEF in Madagascar and Palladium Group, AIDSRelief and Catholic Relief Services in the Caribbean.

Operations Manager

Catherine Green

Catherine is an experienced humanitarian response professional with a passion for accountability to affected populations, women’s leadership, and community-led responses

Prior to her current role as the Global Program Director for the Response Innovation Lab, Catherine worked for World Vision on several of the largest natural disasters in Asia of the last decade.

Catherine has a background working in Aboriginal cultural preservation, social justice and emergency response in Australia. She has a Master of International Develop and a Post Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership.

RIL Global Executive Committee

RIL Executive Committee Chair, World Vision

Jeff Wright

Senior Innovation Adviser, Save the Children

Alice Moltke Larderkarl

Alice has worked in the humanitarian sector for the past 20 years; for the Red Cross and Save the Children, as Head of Operation, Regional Director and Humanitarian Director. She has been based in conflict affected countries in the Balkans and the Middle East and responded to emergencies globally. In her current role, as Senior Innovation Adviser for Save the Children Denmark, she is also engaged in Save the Children’s global Innovation Team.


Richard Corbett

Richard is Oxfam’s Humanitarian Lead. He maintains oversight of Oxfam’s response to emergencies around the world. Richard has led responses in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Sudan and DRC before moving to a head office role at Oxfam. He has also been Chief Executive of Healthwatch Bucks and Reading Voluntary Action

Program Director, The George Washington University

Deborah Elzie

Deborah is a member of George Washington University’s Initiative for Disaster Resilience and Humanitarian Affairs’s program team and Program Director for the Disaster Resilience Leadership global program. She also serves as the Director of Resilience for the ResilientAfrica Network and is based in Uganda.

Deborah previously worked in emergency management in New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In this position she developed curriculum and training for responses to emergency events and led a team in evaluating all emergency incidents. Deborah is a board member for @ThinkIT Limited, and is a founding member of Africa Women in Tech and actively participates in innovation networks across sub-Saharan Africa.


Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan is an entrepreneur, author and anthropologist. He co-founded and directed ‘Impact Hub’ which provides physical spaces in over 80 cities around the world offering access to events, knowledge, investment and tools to help start and grow social enterprises.

Jonathan has launched ventures with partners ranging from the UK Cabinet Office, Guardian Media Group and Tate Modern to UNICEF and peace entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.

RIL Country Lab Staff

Senior Coordinator, Somalia Lab (SomRIL)

Abdi Adan Billow

Abdi has extensive humanitarian experience in the Somali context. He has worked with World Vision and Save the Children on their Monitoring and Evaluation teams. Abdi is based in Mogadishu, Somalia where he works with local partners including government agencies, local innovators and local universities.

Uganda Lab Manager, Save the Children International

Charlene Cabot

Charlene Cabot is the Manager of the Response Innovation Lab in Uganda.
Charlene is a humanitarian worker who served with the UN World Food
Programme in the Central African Republic, Chad, Senegal, at headquarters in
Italy and at the Berlin Liaison Office. Charlene has a background in
International Relations and Sustainable Development and authored a
comparative study of linkages between climate change and agro-pastoral
conflicts in three Sub-Saharan African countries.

Somalia Lab (SomRIL) Manager

Nishant Das

Nishant has extensive experience living in 9 different countries (in North America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa), and working in many more. Initially beginning his career in the private sector as an Industrial Designer, Nishant designed and engineered consumer products, but consulted for various development organizations in Canada. He then left the private sector to pursue an MBA in Economic Development in the US, and then went on to work in the US with World Vision’s relief team, in Bangladesh with the Mennonite Central Committee as an Economic Development Advisor, and back again with World Vision at the Pacific Timor Leste office (based in Papua New Guinea), where he oversaw the majority of Livelihood’s portfolio in the Pacific. Nishant now manages the Somali Response Innovation Lab and is based out of Nairobi, Kenya.

Puerto Rico Lab Manager, Puerto Rico Science Trust

Gilberto Guevara

Gilberto Guevara has over 35 years of work in the humanitarian world as part of the American Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) and recently with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the Recovery from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.  In Turkey he led the Earthquake Research Information Center for Humanitarian Assistance (ERICHA). He is a National Instructor and Disaster College Director that prepared national and international instructors for the humanitarian work.

In addition to his role as RIL Lab Manager, Gilberto is an Entrepreneurship and International Business doctoral candidate at the Interamerican University, in San Juan.

Innovation Director - Jordan

A’sem Natsheh

A’sem Natsheh is a veteran Managing Director, a Researcher and a Technical Expert with over 12 years of diverse experience in Strategic Communication, Audiovisual Creative Media, and Education industries. A’sem played key directorship roles with major players in the private sector where he developed and successfully implemented various humanitarian programs that served and still serving thousands of beneficiaries.

A’sem currently works as the RIL’s Executive Director of Innovation and Matchmaking in Jordan. A’sem works as a broker for Innovative humanitarian solutions; Armed with best practice and an international consortium support in areas of matchmaking and collaborative international change, A’sem engages with humanitarian actors to identify challenges, then build bridges to connect to the best sustainable and scalable innovative solutions. A’sem managed the production of hundreds of videos and campaigns, working with humanitarian, education, and commercially driven organizations.

A’sem finished his MBA from Durham University in UK and has a BSc in Computer Engineering. Before moving to the humanitarian sector A’sem directed SAE Media Institute Amman. He managed the high level strategies of value delivery, accreditation, program development, and growth. A’sem has published at SPIE International Defense, Security and sensing conference. Additionally, A’sem is a chartered member of Jordan’s Professional Strategic Management Society, Royal film commission, and Jordan Engineering Association.

Iraq Response Innovation Lab Manager, Oxfam

Nathalie Rami

Nathalie Rami is the Iraq Response Innovation Lab Manager.  She has a Master in Finance, a Bachelor degree in Business Management and almost 10 years’ experience in both the private sector and the humanitarian/development sector focusing mainly on programs aiming at supporting SMEs/ star-ups in the energy, climate change and livelihood sector with a focus on innovation.  Nathalie contributed to the conception the first Climate Innovation Centre in KenyaShe is fluent in French, English and has a good Knowledge of Arabic.

RIL Contributors

Founding Director, Response Innovation Lab

Jennifer MacCann

Jennifer has extensive experience in humanitarian programming having led World Vision’s Nepal Earthquake Response and held leadership roles in the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan response, Haiti earthquake and work in West, East and Southern Africa and Palestine.

Her disaster response career has spanned management, strategy development, resourcing, implementation and preparedness. Jennifer has a master’s degree in international development and worked on emergency responses across more than 15 countries. Jennifer is particularly interested in progressing the humanitarian sector to relieve suffering and build communities back better.


Research People MEAL expert

Lyida Tanner

Lydia Tanner leads the Research People, RIL’s monitoring, evaluation and evidence partner. Lydia has delivered more than 50 research projects for a wide range of local, national, and international NGOs, and donors in more than twenty countries. Most recently, she worked with the RIL and its partners to develop a toolkit for evidencing humanitarian innovation. 

Communicatins Volunteer, EY Foundation

Nikita Chadha

Nikita Chadha is an English Literature Graduate working within the third sector with the EY Foundation. Currently, she is a communications volunteer for the RIL, as well as the grassroots organisation Cysters (which spotlights gynaecological health issues within the South Asian community). Her interests are diversity and inclusion, gender equality, philanthropy, education and mental health. As well as creating copy and content, Nikita is also an avid poet and creative writer.

ThoughtWorks – Innovation Design Lead

Dan McClure

Dan is the Innovation Design Lead for ThoughtWorks, a global technology and innovation consultancy, where he drives efforts to develop innovation practices with the potential to create disruptive systemic change. He has spent 30 years leading innovation initiatives and advising creative change agents in both the humanitarian and commercial sectors.

Dan has published articles on the challenges associated with scaling innovations and advises on a number of programs supporting the scaling of humanitarian initiatives. His article, “Missing Middle”, with Ian Gray which discusses the innovation lifecycle, and has been presented at humanitarian conferences, was contributed to the World Humanitarian Summit.

Meaningful Communications

Rhonda Hirst

Rhonda is a senior marketing and communications professional with experience in both INGO and corporate sectors. Having worked extensively in strategy creation and execution, she has a deep understanding of how to maximise limited resources and create distinct messages to motivate action.

Rhonda’s work has taken her to the Middle East and across Asia including the Philippines where she managed communications for World Vision’s Typhoon Haiyan Response.