The Uganda Response Innovation Lab is hosted by Save the Children and provides an inter-agency, cross-thematic, multi-sectoral space where the challenges posed by the humanitarian crisis in Uganda can be identified and solved.

The RIL provides tools and guidance for actors to jointly develop solutions, whether using existing approaches or incubated innovations. The Lab supports events, convening actors around humanitarian challenges, problem analysis, promotion of innovations that already work and matching problems with solutions.

A range of humanitarian and recovery needs exists in Uganda and the growing influx of refugees and asylum seekers from the surrounding region have increased the needs faced by local communities. Given this escalating crisis, the Uganda RIL will support response efforts and innovate around challenges in order to improve the lives of the affected communities during the crisis response and during their transition to self-reliance.  

Some of the most urgent challenges identified to date include:

  • Sustainable livelihood opportunities including employment creation, skills development, connections with private sector opportunities and markets and financial inclusion
  • Improved Educational outcomes including cost-effective and result-oriented professional development for teachers and improved learning environments and outcomes for children (such as more focus on numeracy and literacy and multi-lingual support)
  • Sustainable and safe access to water, energy and waste management solutions
  • Quality and access to health services including but not limited to sexual and reproductive health with a focus on adolescents and psycho-social support
  • Empowerment and inclusion of marginalized people particularly women or people living with disability

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