The Jordan RIL is built by World Vision and Civic and collaborations with a number of organisations in Jordan.  The Lab supports events, convening actors around humanitarian challenges, problem analysis, promotion of innovations that already work and matching problems with solutions. While there is a relatively well developed innovation ecosystem within Jordan and Amman, The Jordan RIL is focused on bringing all the actors together to focus on finding solutions for challenges, not challenges for solutions

The Jordan RIL acts as sectoral innovation capacity within the country and supports any actor working within the humanitarian space. The RIL Jordan works alongside existing humanitarian innovation initiatives like Shamal Start, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Innovation Lab and the MercyCorps Innovation initiative.

We are currently running the Matchmaker program which helps people with humanitarian challenges find matches with local or global innovations which can solve these problems.  The RIL has been working with local and International NGOs, private sector, government and royal family agencies to support them to identify their most critical humanitarian challenges and find appropriate and tested solutions for them.  Feel free to contact us if you want to get involved or submit a challenge you have through the Matchmaker.

Also if you want to be updated on events we are hosting, what’s happening with humanitarian innovation in Jordan or want to work with us on an innovative solutions get in touch.


Download Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map of Jordan as a PDF.

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